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JEB Design logo and the new Bay PlateThe advertisements and printed material you encounter pretty much everywhere everyday was most likely created by a graphic designer using a Macintosh. It’s easy to see how important healthy Macs are for the livelihood of a designer. Illustrators and designers are often in a situation where it’s imperative that they stay operational so they can make their deadlines and continue billing. In situations where there may only be a few Macintosh computers in a graphic design studio or small art department, it becomes apparent very quickly that if there is a problem during production, it could have serious ramifications. When this happens, it’s nice to know you can just pick up the phone and call MacMedics for help.

Under just such circumstances a mutually beneficial relationship was forged between JEB Design and MacMedics when a Macintosh G4’s hard drive took a turn for the worse. JEB Design owner, Joe Barsin, called around town trying to find someone to talk about his problem with when he got in touch with MacMedics. “It was a huge relief to finally talk to someone who understood my problem and could help” said Mr. Barsin. “When I got in touch with MacMedics, they set up a service call and sent a technician out quickly and when they said they would. None of the other Mac places could give me any kind of commitment on a service time.”

With the crisis averted and the data restored to working order, MacMedics has continued to support JEB Design. With our Scheduled Service System, we visit their offices on a regular basis ensuring their equipment stays in optimal condition. With this proactive approach to maintaining their equipment, problems are kept few and far between.

MacMedics also supplied and assisted JEB Design with installing a scaleable backup solution. Mr. Barsin said “After my scare with my hard drive crash, MacMedics showed me how easy and inexpensive it was to have a real back up system in place”.

With their Macs running smoothly, JEB Design has been able to concentrate on getting their projects done for their customers and less time worrying about their Macintosh environment. “I’m a pretty Mac savvy guy, and I enjoy doing the technical work, but with more deadlines, both professional and family, I had less and less time to keep up with my Macs technically,” remarked Mr. Barsin. “Now I just leave all things Macintosh to my MacMedics tech, Mike Pace, who does a great job!”

With more time available to him professionally, Mr. Barsin was able to successfully complete the new “Treasure the Chesapeake” license plate design for the State of Maryland to benefit the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

JEB Design Office

About JEB Design:

JEB Design, Inc. is located in Arnold, MD (near Annapolis, MD) and owned by husband and wife team Joe and Eva Barsin. Joe and Eva established the company in 1997. They have over 20 years of combined experience working in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. areas. Read more about them at their website.

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