Advanced Data Migration: $249 + Parts

In many cases where your data needs to be rescued, you may not need true data recovery. Your data recovery case may fit into our curated advanced migration service. This service covers full migration and computer repair. We will take steps to ensure your data is safe and carefully transferred to a new hard drive (either in or out of Apple Warranty). Within our advanced migration, we can deal with everything from a standard hard drive migration all the way up to a drive that requires some additional work, such as moving the data to an intermediate hard drive and performing minor-major directory and virus/malware clean up.

MacMedics Data Recovery $499-$599 + Repair + Parts

The MacMedics Data Recovery service is appropriate for data recovery cases that include deleted files, formatted hard drives, totally failed hard drive directories or hard drives that are too sick for our advanced migration process. The $499 price covers hard drive recoveries up to 1TB and $599 covers hard drives up to 4TBs. When your data recovery case is complete, we will copy the recovered data to a free 1TB or 4TB external hard drive.

If you need your computer repaired in addition to the data recovery, the cost is $199 plus parts.

The MacMedics data recovery service covers the vast majority of data recovery cases, but some data recovery cases will not qualify for flat-rate pricing. These cases include FileVault protected hard drives, Apple Fusion drives, and various RAID systems. These data recoveries require advanced methods to recover the data from the drive. Call us for more information about advanced data recovery.