MacMedics is an Apple Authorized Macintosh Service Provider

MacMedics is an Apple Authorized Premium Service Provider, and as such can honor your AppleCare and Apple factory warranty for your Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

If you're coming to visit with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, please see our iPhone service page.

We proudly offer out of warranty service for ANY Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, or iPod new or old. Some of our specialties include Macintosh Data Recovery, Liquid Spills, and complex repairs. All out of warranty Macintosh repairs come with the famous MacMedics no-hassle one-year warranty for parts and labor!

Both of our area offices in Severna Park, MD and Lanham, MD, are fully staffed and stocked with the most common parts to speed your repair along. Our convenient offices are located right off major highways (Lanham Route 50 and Severna Park 3 miles from I-97). No service appointments are necessary, there is plenty of free parking, and our front door is five steps from where you can park!

MacMedics In-Store Macintosh Repair $199 + Parts or Macintosh Repair With Data $249

MacMedics offers Apple Authorized Macintosh service for your "Apple Warranty or AppleCare" or ANY "out-of-warranty" Apple Macintosh repair. You may visit us in either our Retail Store in Severna Park, MD or our Service Center in Lanham, MD,

We offer super fast check-in so that you can get on your way as quickly as possible. There's no waiting in line, no need to make an appointment to bring your equipment in, and, of course, there's never a case of you having to find a parking space and having to lug your Apple equipment through the mall.

If you're not 100% sure on where you stand with your Apple warranty? Send us a note with your serial number or give us a call and we'll check it out for you.

MacMedics is well known for our affordable and unique $199 in-lab Macintosh service and repair. Our $199 flat-fee covers most non-data related cases, plus a 1-year warranty on any parts that are needed.

If your Macintosh needs a hard drive replaced and we need to transfer your data, the MacMedics service fee is $249 plus parts. This fee also includes the "rescue" of your data if it's not currently visible.

MacMedics is both an Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller & an Apple Authorized Government Reseller

As an Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller and Apple Authorized Government Reseller, MacMedics can supply you with the latest hardware or software from Apple (including the Macintosh computer line, Apple iPods, Apple iPads, and the Apple TV). We can recommend, configure, pre-test, deliver, and install any Macintosh computer you require. From Mac minis or all the way to top of the line custom-configured MacBooks, MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros, or Mac Pro towers.

MacMedics is a Certified Member of the Apple Consultants Network

MacMedics is a highly experienced Macintosh consulting and service firm. In addition to being an Apple Authorized Premium Service Provider, an Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller, we also are Apple Certified Members of The Apple Consultants Network. We are a well-established (26-years) Macintosh only company that has more than 200 years of combined Macintosh sales, service, and consulting experience with well over 65,000 completed service calls on our resume. Unlike many other Apple Consultants who are not authorized for sales or service by Apple, we offer the distinct advantage of offering a one-stop-shop for everything Apple.

MacMedics Blog

The MacMedics Blog is automatically formatted for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It can be found here.

MacMedics Data Recovery

If you think you've lost your data and you've been told to send it away to an out of state 'Clean Room' Data Recovery firm, STOP! 90% of the people that think they need "Clean Room" data recovery DO NOT need that type of advanced recovery services. Bring your hard drive or computer to MacMedics and let us take a look before you opt to send it out of state. Our $249 + Parts Repair Service might be all the data recovery you need. The data recovery company that is performing the recovery for you will likely recover your data and charge you FULL "recovery" prices (often $1000 or more). There's a reason why the major recovery firms offer a "free evaluation", they're hoping to get your drive in the door, and then charge you big bucks to recover your data. All of the big firms have price ranges, and you might pay more or less depending on your situation. But, there's a big difference between data that is in "limbo" and data that is "lost". Many of the data recovery cases we see are situations where customers think they have a "data recovery" situation when in fact the data is just not visible to them.

Macintosh Consulting

MacMedics is a 100% Macintosh-only consulting and service firm. We specialize in Apple products and strive to serve the Macintosh community better than anyone else. As Certified Members of The Apple Consultants Network, Apple Developers, Apple Authorized Resellers, Apple Authorized Government Resellers, and Apple Authorized Premium Service Providers with two fully staffed walk-in Macintosh service & sales centers, we are uniquely positioned to help with any type of Macintosh service, consulting, or sales need anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic region.

There are other companies that profess to fix Mac problems, but that usually means they have PC technicians who "know a little about Macs". Our talented Macintosh consultants have more than 200 years of combined Macintosh experience, acquired during the successful completion of over 65,000 service calls. At MacMedics, we're serious about delivering workable and proven Macintosh solutions.

Unlike many other ACN members who are not authorized for Apple sales or service, we offer the distinct advantage of offering a one-stop-shop for everything Apple. As Apple Authorized Resellers and Service Providers, we're able to recommend, install, configure, as well as sell and service Macintosh computers. MacMedics is also an Apple Authorized Reseller of the Apple iPad, iPod, and the Apple TV.

Many other consulting firms are either solo practitioners of the Apple computer craft or companies that claim to specialize in both the Windows and Macintosh platforms. MacMedics is a 100% Macintosh shop, so our focus and our training have always been on Apple.