MacMedics is an Apple Authorized Premium Service Provider that is authorized to provide Apple service on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macintosh, Apple Watch, and Apple TV (Everything that Apple makes!).

-We have a LIMITED number of replacement batteries for the $29 iPhone Battery Program - Please call ahead to reserve one!

-Please have "Find my iPhone" disabled on your device before you arrive. If your device is too broken to do this, you can log into iCloud using your Apple ID and password to disable it there.

- In most cases if your iPhone is covered by Apple Limited Warranty or AppleCare+ and your iPhone is NOT damaged, Apple may supply you with an Apple owned loaner (supplied and facilitated by MacMedics) phone at no cost. MacMedics will transfer your SIM card from your malfunctioning iPhone and install it in the free Apple loaner iPhone. If you need us to also backup your iPhone, restore your data on a loaner iPhone, and then repeat the process back to your repaired iPhone, we charge $25 to perform that service. If your iPhone is too severely damaged to see your data, and we have to recover the data before sending to Apple, there is an extra charge for that.

- If your iPhone repair does not qualify for free Apple loaner, MacMedics has rental iPhones available for $25 ($50 with the above mentioned double data transfer) for the duration of your Apple repair. Rental iPhones are subject to availability. Also, if you have your own extra iPhone we will assist in helping you swap the SIM card and getting your old iPhone in service to work as your temporary iPhone while your unit is away at Apple.

- AppleCare+ doubles your iPhone, iPad, or iPod warranty, but it also includes an insurance component with a deductible. The insurance incident may be used up to 2-times when you pay the deductible of $49 for iPad or $29 or $99 for iPhone.

- The iPhone Glass/LCD service that MacMedics is Apple Authorized to perform is different that what the Apple Store can perform. MacMedics actually sends your iPhone to Apple for the repair. This ensures that the iPhone is 100% restored to factory specifications and quality. The iPhone Glass/LCD service usually takes 2-3 days. MacMedics IS able to perform battery, vibrate motor, speaker, receiver speaker, home button, charge port, and camera repairs for most iPhones.

- If your iPhone is liquid damaged (if you're under AppleCare+ or not), Apple will send us a new iPhone for you overnight. In this case there is NO free Apple loaner. If your iPhone has an issue not related to broken broken glass or LCD, it can be handled the same way. We just direct Apple to send you a new iPhone the next business day.

- At MacMedics, your iPhone battery (iPhone 6 and up) can be replaced in about 90-minutes without the trip to the mall, finding a parking spot, or waiting for days for an appointment for $29. Please call or email ahead to ensure we have a battery for you.

- MacMedics iPhone Glass/LCD service prices:

iPhone 5/5c/5s - $139
iPhone 6 - $139
iPhone 6s/7 - $159
iPhone 6 Plus - $159
iPhone 6s/7 Plus - $179
iPhone 8 - $159
iPhone 8 Plus - $179
iPhone Battery Service - $29 (ONLY iPhone 6 and up)
iPhone Software Restore - $25
iPhone Backup & Restore - $50

- AppleCare+, in-warranty, or out of warranty iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Apple Watch repairs are warrantied for 90-days or the balance of your warranty, whichever is longer.

Thinking about a non-Apple, 3rd-party iPhone repair? The Apple Authorized iPhone service that both Apple and MacMedics provides is almost always LESS expensive than a fake iPhone screen fixed at the mall or at non-Apple repair places. Read our Blog post all about this topic.

MacMedics was voted "Best of Severna Park 2017"